In the past year synchronicities in my life have increased ten fold, messages on the wind seem to have multiplied and my dreams have a vividness I have never experienced before. Years ago, when creating a website (now defunct) as a platform for my own work I used to write about (the) paradigm shift(s). It was an intellectual concept fuelled by optimism and the feeling that we couldn't go on as we were. But it was intellectual. Now I feel it. In the past months I have felt that shift in my being. Your (and his) piece here (for which I can't thank you both enough) seems to exemplify that and speaks to me saying 'No you are not imagining it, you really can feel that shift. It is not your intellect playing Pollyanna.' Another message on the wind. I see the deceit that was Co(n)vid now as a barometer, a tool which is helping to measure that shift. It is so exciting for me today to see people waking up at a breathless pace, the momentum is gathering. I love the imagery you've used to underline Charles's story and I know what industry that must have taken. I came across Charles about five years ago and really appreciate his work. I see him too (and many, many others) endeavouring to 'usher in the next conscious evolution'. (A wonderful purpose.) I thank you both for this. I am under no illusions that the struggle is finished and accept that we still have demons to wrestle with. I'm too old now to 'man the barricades' but I can still 'load the muskets'. I hope to be around to witness vindication but I'm going to have to leave a lot of the fighting to your generation. And, boy, this Substack is one hell of a warrior.

BTW what have I missed regarding your reference to Libre Solutions Network?

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Oh you 😊 You are too kind! Glad to be of assistance. That is an excellent talk, and I appreciate your transformation of it!

I think there's an old story that needs to be revived.

The story of the hero, not finding a hero to deify, but to take on the heroes' journey.

Everyone has their own cross to bear. We are to call everyone to take on what heroism means in their life, and support them as we can.

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That was just lovely. Beautiful, inspired, grounded and visceral - I'm so glad I watched it early in my day. Art really can lift and expand.

Charles is brilliant at articulating the impulse and pulse - still largely unformed yet here, in us - of the new story (& stories)emerging. And you are brilliant at synthesizing and adding more fractals & dimensions that amplify the effects.

What a perfect example of the new story: this interweaving of your respective gifts; unique and overlapping at once.

Thank you!

⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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I greatly appreciate Charles, although recently I have been struggling to find the time/attention to work through the essays he keeps pumping out. So I greatly appreciate you making it easier for me to take part in his spiritual alchemy (and putting it on LooshTube, even better!). And greatly appreciate the vibe you are bringing in general. Here's to conscious evolution, one Stack at a time.

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Wonderful, I think narratives or stories about good possible futures are helpful. And purging feelings here and there is definitely a good thing!

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So, so well done! Your images and musical choices added a beautiful dimension to his wise words, Tonika. The give and take between you seemed effortless, like Astaire and Rogers.

Thank you for highlighting his work. He has such a compassionate take on the world, one that always inspires me, and one that we need desperately right now. His work clearly resonates with you, and you do it justice. Wonderful! xox

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We need all the focused attention to the stories we tell ourselves for certain. Good exploration.

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Wow—lovely! I need to think on it/absorb it —and review the essay. Thank you!

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Thank you for this and for introducing me to the writings of Charles Eisenstein. This was my first email today. I played the video three times, it is that beautiful.

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Beautiful. I'm in.

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Thanx for sharin' the link--totally loved it! Far more mah style--big fan'o silent AND physical comedy--messy, goofy, on-the-cheap, universal and...as ya intutited--far from a barefooted gaggle'a long-haired maidens on a heathered hilltop group-weaving raw silk tapestries fer the yurt while the pan flute soars (er...sores if ya ask me). Sometimes nailing comic timing (an' not snaggin' yer pants on a nail)! is the most noble of achievements such that the loftiest aspirations to aim at may be a good belly laugh from the peanut gallery!

Is Oona for Oona O'Neil Chaplin / Tramps for Little Tramp?

Enjoyed the music muchly! a little keystone/klezmer if I had it?

ps clever that piana'! corex is a great invention! (but grrrrr it got spendy--here it went from $8 to about $22 for an 8x4' sheet....)

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I'll venture ta say that ya done Charles proud even if this catches him unawares. The lyrical imagery, with light an' majestic skies and nature and warm humanity so perfectly and beautifully embody the perfect crystal of Charles-as-philosopher (Charles the parent is a little less lofty lol!) who is certainly a transcendent soul out there--an aspiration speaker and writer--an' one I DO like too.

But as fittin' a marriage as this is...harmonious, with music, with the meter, with the visuals--an' this is not to mess with ya Tonika cuz I think the WHIRLED of your work and talents--it leaves me a bit colder than tater salad straight from the fridge, eaten hastily without time for the flavors to blend and for the fried chicken to be brought out, hot an' greasy.

Makin' sense here? Bless all the angelic lofty souls and the yoga folks in organic cotton an' the tea-makin' shamans.... it ain't me (babe)...bless'em all....

In Charles' writin', there is no place for the ugly crazy messy stories that show up in-between, in the interstices of his beautifully rendered dichotomy.... Skunks (human ones), scoundrels, and the delights of Spaghetti Westerns... those are mah stories! A Penny Dreadful? Ya got it!

So, dang, I just like too many ignoble (tacky even!) ego-centric and not purdy but joyful (or devious!) aspects of the world as we've known it (at least up to fairly recently...) to EVER abandon the past and stories therein let alone feel good about it--cleaner, purer, lighter.... (and that's even when I see wrongs done and puhlent've egoism).

I like me BOTH the high fallutin' (individualistic, self-centered) Western "CULture" that spawned Odysseus (clever dude with a swelled head if ever there wuz one), the murderous art-patron Borgias, Jean Louis David (who changed alliances with his funding), Voltaire, Dickens (who was a rotten daddy and a great writer) and Maria Callas--(talk 'bout divas!) alike (I dig it all!) AND ALSO the low brow tacky messy UN-cultured (and sometimes downright illegal!) outpourings of bad boys like Jerry Lee Lewis (married his teen cousin) and James Brown or Marlon Brando or Mae West and Bell Barth and so on... I do not think that Charles Eisenstein's halcyon harmonious future vision is nearly half as colorful as The Beverly Hillbillies and The Munsters and The Three Stooges (I love most vaudeville and music hall folks) and Ethel Merman and Benny Hill....an' chicken fried steak (even tho today we do it keto-organic style lol).

So again, this is such a lovely piece and I mean this in every way...BUT...but but... fer me, I'll take the Mel Brooks fartin' cowboys 'round the campfahr while sittin' with my girls on the worn out sofa with (keto)-cheeto-crumbs and Wanda Jackson screamin' and strummin' 'bout some mean man that cheated on 'er so she's gotta git her shotgun. Then there's Medea...

So I guess I'm just not the lofty type! I love me a Ruben sandwich JUST as much as a Peter Paul Ruben's paintin' (neither are peecee I guess...) So again' the work here is great--jus' gives me a nosebleed cuz my next story definitely has a Diary Queen and a Salvation Army Store (with old vinyl records of Benny Bell an' Ohio Players)!

Keep on makin' these gems tho--there is much to say for all creative juices a' flowin' and ya've got'em in spades so I'm always eager ta see more! (heart here...I don't get how ta do them ee-mow-geez)

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I am not holding a breath, I am too busy trying to make ends at least meet, failing at it, slow down, one failure at a time.


Ya frickin´ bioterrorists, I had the dropped balls to beat your frickin´ bioweapon twice by taking baking soda and inhaling vapor! Jaws crack, drums, or heads, roll. And do not dare call me Covidiot, ya frickin´ bioterrorists!

I am science dissent, a godsend! If this does not give you a heart attack, then I really do not know what will ....

Sorry to interrupt, but I have just canceled the nefarious Cancel Culture. Everybody should thank me by subscribing to my New Pop Culture https://www.buymeacoffee.com/lsouralF/membership

Where were we at? Oh, here is my latest smashing installment!


Great, you have just made me a skeptic, or reminded me of who I was, am, ever will be, god-damn-it!

You have surely missed my outstanding Subtract!

Friendly regards from Nicaragua, heavily sanctioned, where I scrape by at the Gates of Hell, the Masaya Volcano, at the very bleeding heart of Central America. Hell, sweet hell, err, home. I meant home, sweet hell!


Esteemed Substacker, If you read my first two posts, you will find out about how dramatic and humble my landing here actually was. Then I started to write and post like a madman like there was no tomorrow because my real life situation seemed that way, and things have not calmed down, have not changed yet! Not only because life, in general and particular, is not a word, but a sentence, but because sometimes serving this sentence makes one feel like dropping dead any minute, I have decided to chime in with something transcendentally relevant. Enjoy it to the very last breath as I do, a soldier of Christ, fighting in the first row, breathing heavily, no matter cannon fodder. You do not have to pledge anything, my efforts are always free.

Left to my own devices and salivating in the tropical scorcher, in the erupting drought season, the promised $20 bill of rights rain has not even started yet for me here on Subtract, yes, I just want to make you laugh, not cry, as I wipe a tear or two. It seems like nobody´s gold pennies can reach my flying BullShip skyhigh. Yet I stay working Job, patience is my virtue upon the rack, tried, drawn, and quartered as vice driven through the rusty nails of my faith .... until I, one-armed, cannot carry my heavy cross anymore. I keep saying this only to myself as a wounded gladiator in the public arena. Hope you all still having fun ....

Substack is my new home, like I was sort of homeless. And yes, it does get lonely in the jungle if you live alone. Substack to me now means the world, the greatest platform where I can share my massive varied writing stuff. I have quite a few posts already here with 69, whoops, subscribers and growing every day as people are finally noticing my stranded S.O.S. sign on the beach! Thank God, thanks to you good people. Thank you for noticing me, for hearing me out, for supporting me! I am truly humbled. Do not let my monumental or trivial issues grind you down! God bless you all!






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I know--great stuff! either someone is takin' advantage of "inflation pricing" or (I guess) shippin' the stuff from gawd knows where really costs more... if ya know the Paper Bag Players here, they've done brilliant stuff with recycled cardboard... but I agree, corex is da bomb... (git it now if it's cheap by you!)

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