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This is lovely! You are an amazing and beautiful writer and I believe English is not even your first language? I'm so sorry about the loss of your father.

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Incredible holiday with so much going and doing it makes me feel like a slacker who does my fair share of sitting, sipping coffee and people watching on holiday. Of course my favorite is always when stars align for the most unlikely events and meeting the legendary OU badass herself has got to be one for the record books as proof of angels guiding some of our travels!.

For the sight seeing portions the Eyes of God cave with the moon is one of the coolest natural features to discover.. Nature is amazing and some humans can be kinda terrific too. Big time thanks for the vicarious journey with you and virtual hugs until our stars align in magical ways!! <3

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Tonika, I'm so sorry ta hear of yer papa's passin'--apologies fer comin' ta see this so late--been pre-occupied an' pri-awk-u-pied... a long tale fer later. Yer lucid dream is fascinatin' but I also was taken with yer vision--in the cave--of bringin' yer father there fer the magical restorative waters... Of all times ta find healin' waters an' threads of the mystical (the gypsies! the theosophist! the blind baba--gypsy like herself). Even when ya warn't tryin' it all came up--"welled" up in all senses of the word so ta speak.... Somehow (bein' a lil' woo myself) I feel that without seein' yer father ta say goodbye--you kinda met up with him on another plane... more water-plane than that've the air. The music you chose seemed sort've far away an' both monastic an' a bit enchanted. The healing waters an' the lame pup that "discovered it" an' the Aqua (water!) kitty that wasn't dead after all--animals (with greater senses..."familiars?!"), water... an' the singular magic of yer beautiful children--connected to the sea too! We all are born from water... so somehow, somewhere, in your poetic travelogue--is not only you--but I felt a sense of a father... sort of hoverin' there I think. Not sure why but the entire racountin' had an extra presence... I wonder if yer kids or yer mama also sense it in readin' an watching? I feel that in our very real world we touch many other worlds--even if they exist just in minds...hearts...souls. Sendin' blessin's along with the condolences... and thanks for this beautiful piece!

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thanks for sharing my friend. makes me want to visit Bulgaria. Loved the parallel FB universe. down right 5th dimensional.

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The photographs are fabulous! and the one with your friend Andy holding up the picture of your relative Peter... a true doppleganger, freaky!

I'm so sorry to hear about your dad.

Thank you for sharing all this personal stuff, you have a way of taking your readers on the journey with you.

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I'm overwhelmed, with so many thoughts and emotions your essay brought up for me. How you managed to put me in your pocket with you, and carry me on your journey so casually yet with so much deep wisdom, is a writing tour de force, Tonika.

I am so sad for the loss of your father and how you didn't share a proper goodbye with him. Yet your lucid dream... by god, the power of prayer and intention! May you continue to connect with him to close any part of that circle that remains open for you. And I'll add my prayers for his peace and your healing.

In no order whatsoever, more reactions: joy for Aqua (yes, joy -- I loved her reappearance almost as much as you, I think); laughter at those blisteringly honest town names; reverence for the Eyes of God (and for your video that took me directly into the magic); intrigue (lots and lots of that -- I want to go to Bulgaria and to ALL the mysterious places, esp. the ones the gypsies told you about); compassion for the slew of misfortune that greeted your arrival home in the US; admiration for your sense of adventure (though I've experience that before!); and gratitude for your eyes and your heart, which combine to take us on our own journey.

So glad to know you, and to now know you better. xox

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Lovely writing Tonika and so honest. Pretty impressed with your video skills too. I spent a very pleasant hour absorbing this.

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Very well done!!

Condolences re: you not being able to see your dad.

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After that intro, I had to go look up Lyudmila Zhivkova's birth chart (obvs). Oh boy, so juicy! If you can somehow find her birth time we can do a full conspiratorial celebrity birth chart reading on her 😏

(now back to the article)

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