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good idea.

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Not to worry, Tonika, you’re in good company:


I *loved* that Russell Blake post when I first read it and cannot wait to watch what you and your son have created together.

P.S. I’ve now watched your video and am sending you, your son, Air Lift Underground, and Russell yet another enthusiastic round of applause! 👏👏👏

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We have elected judges (which is awful) in the county. And other local elections make a huge difference in our lives. I have been known to skip presidential votes, but still vote at state level and below. I would never shred you!

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I see two competing schools of thought.

1) Federal elections are clearly not decided by the people, at least as the rule. If we agree on that premise, then why continue to validate the system?

2) Your vote does count, and it is to the benefit of the "opposition party" (whoever that may be) to convince you your vote doesn't count and that you should stay home.

Ryan Christian of The Last American Vagabond is firmly in the former camp, with Robert Barnes firmly in the latter.

I think both are rooted in truth. The question becomes: if you choose not to participate in the voting system, how else are you taking action? Simply leaving the decision up to others is unproductive, but you are a good example of someone working hard in other areas to win in the court of public opinion. As such, I applaud your decision making - though the validation of others is certainly not a necessary part of the equation!

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Up with the times? been like this since??? Longer than i can remember. Yep Yep, it is the way it is, grand theater on a world stage and they are killing the audience. Participatory theater. Unfortunately most think it is not theater. Nice job Tonika, truth from the mouth of babes. I do see some comments about voting at the local level, and this is where you can have a voice, but will it be heard? Seems direction is always the same. In truth the more centralized the less accountability, to the point of no accountability, and it creeps down.

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Brilliantly read and put together. Waking up can be painful!

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You missed the memo... The cool kids vote to make the fraud more obvious :-)

Vote for the party the MSM tells you not to vote for.

And if you want to play along, make sure to vote on election day, it makes them have to cheat harder.


If you are not going to vote, at least check the voter rolls a month after the elections to make sure no one else voted for you ;-)

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yep, shredding your argument:

Not to vote is clearly understandable.

There is - at least here in Germany and many other European countries- the option to vote invalid.

Vote - in order to show that you support the idea of voting.

But do not vote for someone you do not like or hesitate to.

But VOTE - invalid - to express your discomfort and dissapproval to what they do.

In not going to vote you submit to resignation, you express ignorance or desinterest - as many people in fact have / are.

Do not do so!


It is the wrong sign to be sent, I am convinced of.

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Right there with you Tonika. Why feed the charade? Here’s the Russell Brand/Jeremy Paxman interview where he first launched into the voice he has become. Still gives me goosebumps! Keep on keepin on sister 🙏


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I love this article. I voted early and for the first time in my life didn't vote for a single democrat. I'm not sure what my voting will be like in the future, as it does feel pointless. I cried on the day I voted. I guess grief for my old beliefs that voting matters and that there are good people to vote for. Those beliefs are now dead.

On a side note, I'm also in Chicago, and used to live the gigging life, working as a pianist, mostly with opera and music theater singers. I dialed way back about 7 years ago when my son was born, and then couldn't even get a trickle of music work during covid. I'm on the lookout for more music opportunities these days, but not much is appearing for me yet. Wondering if some of my old colleagues have blacklisted me?

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Aw shucks n' thanks thar! So yup, read'em with the act-scent -- it's a fun exercise in bein' silly and that'z a good thing! An thanks too fer the imp-athy re my darlin' daughters (who kin be very impish indeed, just not on stage). Oh, we'ze leavin' NYC--and I DO hope we'll find some "thee-ate-her" elsewharz (or "found" it ourselfs) but I'm with ya, if Chic-ago thee-ate-her now is "mean girls," NYC thee-ate-her is a bunch'a rabid jackals--STILL actin't like the ain't even humans! Notta peep'o apology here... An' it's not jus' the unjabbered that wuz banned--crazy Met Opera fired poor Anna Netrebko just fer bein' Russian (Lincoln Center was all awarsh in yellow n' blue...). I too am dee-skusted an' all fer stayin' away "poimently" (unless big n' publick apologies happen but that ain't gonna be the case)...

I wrote a bit on this'un too, seems a tad timely with them current "am-nasty" mutterins' goin' round:


So we gotta forge sum' new paths here in AmeriKa... cuz in the "ahrts" they was "fahrts"--even whin they took the danged masks off the blinders wuz still on tight!

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Laughin' good at this, nope this here's me in "carrot-ter" - from one "act-tryst" to another! I used'ta also make films and wear a few other hats as well, but they'z all in mothballs now thanks-not-at-all ta the Nu Whirled Odor hittin' the "ahrts" here like the speed'o'sound. (It's all in my postin's--all the first ones 'r me rantin' about bein' banned as'well as my daughterz--my younger'un was on some big NYC stages, sang at Carnegie Hall... now banned she's singin' in the shower and no more dance classes...) Anyway, I wuz hoppin' mad (still am...)

But anywhoo...

I just like ta' turn the "cultural appropriation" puck they like to sling at us like a dodgeball inta' so much corn (n' corny) bread n' butter, sort'a like "actin' on paper" if it makes sense. And'a course this per'aps non-peecee hillbilly character happens to be one very close'ta my own heart so it's sincere (an' fun). Yup, I'm a New Yawker (with a bit'o MidWest in me too), city gal thru n' thru, but I do have a deep fondness fer all things "Country," not to mention Daisy Moses, my fav'rit Clampett, so fer now this nice Stack'O'Corncakes iz my (grand ol') Opry!

We all gotta enjoy our "carrot-ters" so we're good at "seein' things!"

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No cell phones or social media at the time. Played word games on long car rides and taught them to love chess. And poetry.

I would be a mother on the verge of breakdown if raising kids nowadays. Sending you strength.

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I will vote against my local sheriff. He gets all good old boy and rounds up his possy to go git the cougar, thoroughly out of touch, doesn't think outside the box and disliked by a majority and our vote will count. beyond that? forget it, completely corrupt and no i refuse to put my energy there and i feel it is a shameful practice. people get aghast when you don't do "something" forgetting that when you do nothing something else presents itself. something else that may have much more of an effect than playing into the rotten system. What will change current day politics? Maybe that like cancer it eats itself and the host? My gut says 100% that voting wont be it. Now if you want to get together and form a couple million strong army where we refuse to pay taxes on grounds of immoral acts then yes. I'll join that.

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Spot on. Excellent words, and great vid. Thank you.

A farce of lifetimes. Countless lives shaped by support and opposition to ideas and struggle which serves an invisible elite. It’s too frightening and appalling for many to bear. Like looking into the blinding light of the sun. Too pure, too true.

The truth will be a painful awakening for the sleepers, and it is coming.

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Loved this new vide-yo an' agree with jus'bout all've it (enjoyed the narration too!), though the black'pillin' angle leaves little hope fer those cheerin' on "team humanity". YET an' BUT herez a thought (from a crackpot that ain't voted in 20-some years but is changin' my tune at least this oncet.....)--which is what the always cynical an' wry (but none-the-less cheerful) James Corbett suggests... git'em on ALL SIDES if ya can... Git'em!

So... it's not gonna be solved in any one way but the sum-total of the parts MAY buy us time and get us on a saner road--not gonna be a fix , but I'll take a band-aid 'stead of a cyanide pill fer now...

So Corbett 'splains that just in the judicial won't do it--but better rulin's are a piece of it. So... some've us 'r holdin' our cheerin' breaths fer Todd Callender, Katherine Watt, an' Tom Renz not to fergit the Brave'un here in New Yawk--Bobbie-Anne-Cox--who got'a judge to take down the quarantine camp "rulings" deemin' them unconstitutional . Woohoo! Let's hear it here, too, fer the judge in our Staten Island that sided against the mandates fer city workers and ordered they be re-hired and given lost back pay. So let's not dismiss this "angle" and how we vote matters in terms of all things judicial...

Next we have wildcards like protests--as Corbett sez, a few folks showin' up ain't gonna cut the mustard but gigunda crowds DO. So the Canadian Truckers showin' up was The Beans! Made Turd-o look like a fool sayin' those protestin' wuz all Nazis and Racists and Supremacists--why that was the nicest most peaceable crowd'ya'd ever seen gather 'round some nice Maple leaves! Lotsa folks woke up a little seein' the police brutality an' all... An today, in Brazil, folks callin' out the 'lection fraud--may they prevail!!! And yes, even Jan 6th (trap aside)--that wuz quite the turnout! There IS something to it when huge numbers show up... not on its own agin'...but as a factor...

Next, ya gotz laws an' bills -- legislative stuffin'--and blessin's to all who are workin' that angle too--fightin' fer the constitution tooth n' fingernail This is the slow boat (not to Chynna! tho)... but by all means let it in the harbor when it arrives!

There's the alt-news and folks like Tucker n' Rogan n' Iverson who have bigger foller'ins--but there ARE some of the awake voices (like Steve Kirsch) that have gazillions of subscribers--so that's another angle too!

AND THEN yup, we have the votes. Here in NY State we have a reasonable guy (R-Zeldin) who sez no mandatory jabs 'r lockdowns and no mandated sex id in the "skools" vs a Witch Lady that wants not only to mandate the jabs but to lock us all in quarantine camps, no way out! And she claims there ain't no rise in crime here (Blind-as-a-Bat Witch!) and that kids young as 12 should make all their own "medi-cull" decisions (like clot shots and gender switcheroos). Who seems better? Well, if'n nobody votes they ain't helpin'.

Yup, in some 'lections it's a "why bother" but not this one--this ain't the same b/c just as yer vide-yo sez, this once independent and self-sufficient brave nation is now poised just above the all-destroyin' acid drip! Dr Phibes an' his minions (and we know who THEY are, more 'r less) are gonna kill the kid (our relatively young nation....) unless we can act fast, find the key, push away the gurney a'fore the acid drops. No harm tryin' (I do think this...)

Votin' in this 'lection is just pushin' away the gurney but it may save the patient's life--so I say heck yeah y'all, let's push that sucker away a bit now iff'in we kin-- Give'us time to see what we might do (even if it's growin' some danged veggies that the D-Wave psycho guv'nerds would otherwise con-fist-skate).

Patient's still on the table, check--body split open (like the nation) and bleedin' but I say just givin' up on makin' an attempt at savin' a life--er a nation--ain't a "plan" --it's what it sounds like--givin' up.

So this ol' naysayer an' non-voter is suggestin' some've us "damned if ya doers damed if ya don'terz" make an exception this time 'round--outlier tho it may be.

I'm with Scarlett an' her carrot--I sez do what'cha kin even if all'in ya got is DIRT n' rainwater. Grow somethin' any which way! (--an' while yer at it.... don't eat the bugs!)

An if they trick out the mash-ines and stop the "red wave".... well, there might jus' be a stampede. My bootz is ready! Re that wave, I'm not even sure if they pull sumthin' funny that they can put all the (lost) blood back into the elevator at The Overlook Hotel Votin' Booth Center--'member what happened to Jack? Freeze'im blue... cuz we're sick'n tarred've feelin'... blue.

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