Yes, the truth has a way of getting out. However, during the last couple of years so much damage has been done, that I am worried that we will never get the entire truth back. I for one am very afraid to speak to my vaccinated friends; it is a no-no topic because of all the evidence that starts coming out. I am afraid that the stress will be too much to bear.

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Another great one!

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missed the subtitles, but great anyway. Nice job. you are correct, never mind about the metrics. Metrics have a way of fooling you. Success is not by numbers, but by the actual lives you change. So many organizations have high metrics, but is there truth there that changes lives for the better?

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I love this! Great way to get important into out and if you're having fun doing it all the better! Keeping doing you, Tonika. Whatever the numbers - that's more than enough.❤️‍🩹

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This is great, I love it! What you're doing with the videos is so creative. 👏👏👏 Thanks for bringing the art to our movement and to the truth. 🙏❤️

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Just tweeted this brilliant gem out:

"Drama-geek-turned-music-video-creator @VisceralAdvntr adds another wicked entry to her growing repertoire of convicting covers (see SADS World & The Sound of Silenced Science), this time with a comprehensive roundup of the Big Liars in Sayin' a Lie." (https://twitter.com/MargaretAnnaAl1/status/1585785130559639552)

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So well done! Fun and horrifying -- what more could you want?? :-)

You wrote: "these projects have filled my heart." That's what we all need, projects that fill our hearts. That's where COURage comes from.

Keep creating!

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Another great vide-yo! Well done! Also, no apologies needed for lack'o seriousness--SATIRE is, as ya know, serious stuff! I think our "vibrations" in this wacky universe wiggle higher when we laugh and poke fun at the puffed up "Popes of Propaganda."

As fer the thee-ater comments, I kin agree fully... Those've us that see the media folks as actors readin' scripts (most unconvincingly I'll add--and I won't even touch on' the hired crisis actors an' LARPs though boy golly they've "proliferated" like GMO skeeters on an over-ripe pineapple...) ...so yup, those've us that see talkin' heads on screens as actors can detect the lies more easily. Sometimes we too are fooled--jus' as we kin be fooled to dissolve the stage and not even see the artifice as theater-goers, but mostly we who are keenly watching, thinkin' critically (and knowing all the world's a stage!) can stand just past the last row and watch them all "phone it in." They have the makeup, the sets, the lighting... and it's all a show.

When we see a white-coated weasel with shifty eyes, those not tuned into the face n' body language see "Amerika's" avuncular "Dokturd"--Fauxchee the Savior, they see a "regular" Brooklyn guy, not a literal serial killer! Cue the applause...

Speakin' of theater (and it's NY demise at least, ya'll might be farin' better in "Shy Town"...), even before the lockdowns here I felt like I was seein' shells with the "ersters all run away-- hollow containers goin' thru motions, performances with something off. Sure there were some folks whose "magic ifs" were magical, (grateful for that!) but "thee-ater" was not even remotely what it was... it had changed and actors seemed to deliver lines they didn't understand... ensembles were more like folks shoved together in a waitin' room, lacking connection... lacking eye contact even...

I'm a fan of BOTH silent theater an' VERY talky stuff too (trippin'ly on the tongue as they say!) but without performers being engaged in the work, in their characters, without them connectin' with each other--it's like a vacuum cleaner bag full'a dust...

On the optimistic side, I DO hope that humanity and genuine feeling will prevail but for now... before we "Let the Sunshine In"... it does feel like the preamble lyrics to the song (from Hair) are pretty spot-on... even fer us thea-ater folks...

We starve, look at one another, short of breath

Walking proudly in our winter coats

Wearing smells from laboratories

Facing a dying nation of moving paper fantasy

Listening for the new told lies

With supreme visions of lonely tunes

Somewhere, inside something there is a rush of

Greatness, who knows what stands in front of

Our lives....

Let the sunshine in! (We gotta!) and THANK YOU agin' fer sharin' the great new video!

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We've got the lyrics and audio track over here:


This has been so much fun.

We're putting the fun back in "Funeral".

Let's do more stuff.

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Really GREAT job with the video too!❤️

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another one hit outta the ball park! the very last line from RFK - great way to end.

I'm reminded of a quotation, some say Mark Twain, others dispute that - It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they've been fooled. I have found that to be tragically true. Maybe it's where I live, but so far I am not seeing anyone 'wake up', and my guess is many never will, at least not the sheep in my neck of the woods. which makes me very thankful for substack and finding people here I can connect with. But I hear from others on 'the net' that more are waking up, facing what must be a hard truth, which is encouraging.

I'm sure I'll have this tune in my head all day now. In fact I think I will go play it right now - when I was a little girl in the 70's we had posters up on our walls of the BeeGees and played this on 45's. Such fun music...

Happy substackerversary :)

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You are so incredibly talented; this is awesome! Not sure about subscribers as a measure of success but almost 1,000 seems pretty impressive to me especially since Substack isn't your primary focus and a small piece of the total who share your videos.

If it makes you feel better mine hasn't hit 200 subscribers but my own measure of success is in the connections and collaborative efforts; those achievements don't show up in the individual metrics but in the hearts we touch and minds we open and facts we manage to get into general recognition.

You're making huge impacts in the change of attitudes which is hard to see but priceless. Keep rocking the boat!! <3

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While we were being railroaded into this covid-1984 psyops, little leaks were coming out about the devastating collateral damage, suicides, drug use soaring, depression and other mental health issues, poverty, hunger, unattended to illnesses, health impact on mask wearing, and so much more. It all hit the fan at the very beginning. Even the so called elites, "Rules for thee but not for me" posturing. But the Branch Covidian had moved to warp speed, simply because it had been gaining momentum for decades.

In my mind, I wondered about what would happen afterwards.

After the "Spanish Flu" scamdemic of 1918, they had the "Roaring 20's" Folks were so happy to get back to normal, whatever that meant to them. Then shortly after that the great depression.

That is what I wondered about, what would the aftermath of all this look like? While many are waking up,, others are clutching their pearls, still masking and still very much afraid and holding on to the belief that leadership outside of themselves, will save the day. I attempted to share "The Real Doctor Fauci" movie today, and one of my friends actually told me they never heard of him!! How is that even possible? https://www.therealanthonyfaucimovie.com

This psyops is so pervasive it's hard to even reckon with the total impact. And if history tellers do as they always have done, "censor" the truth and remake the story, only those of us who didn't hit the snooze button will write the "other books" that will be held in the rare books section of the neighborhood library or shall I say, on some dusty thumbdrive somewhere.

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That was completely awesome and says it all in just a little over 5 minutes. Wow, just Wow.

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Nice work!

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