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Mitch McConnell's Brief Flash of Humanity

Video inspired by Caitlin Johnstone's post

Caitlin’s Thursday post got to me. I found it a bit cathartic, really. I needed the distraction anyway as I’ve been clinking away at part two of my long BG post, but I took a few hours to slap some visuals together to amplify the important wake up call that our lives are being decided upon psychopaths. And since Caitlin is nice enough to grant blanket rights for anyone to use her material, there it goes.

EDIT: This is Caitlin’s original post, I completely forgot to included it originally. 😬

Caitlin’s Newsletter
Mitch McConnell's Brief Flash Of Humanity
Listen to a reading of this article (reading by Tim Foley…
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I will push out part two of What Memories May Come this week. There have been some recent developments that make it a bit harder to write about it all.

On an exciting note, I’m thrilled to join fellow dissident artists and friends Gabe and Liam on Tuesday at 2 EST for a live talk. If you’re inclined to tune in, here’s the link:

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