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Future Generations If There Are Future Generations

A Caitlin Johnstone work

There is so much incredible writing happening on Substack that one can hardly keep up. There is wisdom on all corners of the world by people whose names you might recognize and by others whom you’ve never heard of. Caitlin Johnstone is one I discovered recently, but she speaks to my soul as if we’ve shared this life together, and maybe even previous lives too. She penned this poem a couple of weeks ago and because she releases her work to others to use as they wish (she even grants permission to do so without giving her credit, but how can you not point others to the words of this brilliant writer?!?) I took the liberty to lay down some visuals to it.

Caitlin’s Newsletter
Future Generations (If There Are Future Generations)
Listen to a reading of "Future Generations (If There Are Future Generations…
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Margaret Anna Alice mentioned that maybe playing with video is my calling. It certainly feels good doing it. But it has been the fact that the last couple of collaboration (including the one I’m currently working on with Air Lift Underground which I’m pushing myself to finish by the end of the week!) has the universe rewarding me with effortlessness, or maybe I should say, with challenges that have been able to be handled with cheerfulness. It has really propped me up that so many of you have subscribed in the last month.

For those who have been around since the beginning who might be wondering when I’ll be doing a longer written post, I have a few in the works, they’re coming. I hope you allow me the small indulgence in this new found love for video I have discovered. I come from a world of theatre after all, and since hardly anyone in Chicago will work with my unvaccinated ass, my creative outlets have diminished. And it feels good at my age to be learning a new skill (that’s being taught by teenagers on YouTube, ha!).

I’ve thrown up the video on the usual platforms so, if YouTube, Rumble, or Bitchute is your thing, click on them links. Thank you all for the encouraging comments and the shares. Visit Caitlin Johnstone’s stack for more catharsis.


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