Biden has mentioned 'beating cancer' a few different times as well -- almost as if they know there's going to be a huge increase in cancers over the next decade or so.

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There is a God awful commercial that runs during Flyers games that makes me think of Bill Hicks non-joke about advertising folks.

first place I could find it: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20230206005102/en/Bayer%C2%AE-Aspirin-Continues-Long-standing-Commitment-to-Heart-Health-Education-Encouraging-Sports-Fans-to-Keep-Their-Heart-in-the-Game-as-the-Official-Sponsor-of-Fans%E2%80%99-Hearts

Bill Hicks not telling a joke


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Yes now it's half of us, and we know this is true because we learned it in an alpha wave state where our conscious awareness was not required, a d this news was delivered gently and with nice music, so we took it in without question or doubt.

So, devious and creepy and ubiquitous and by all means don't notice that you - the viewer - are not just being programmed to accept this fate, but also commoditized in the calculation.

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming...

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Today I got a notice in the mail, directed at members of my county (so something state sponsored, OR) that my SS benefits (which I am a full 10 years from collecting, due to recent changes of 67 being retirement at full benefits) can be used TO PAY FOR MY FUNERAL, UP TO 25,000. WTF. So I taped about 10 pennies inside the self addressed prepaid envolope and sent it back to them, with some choice words....they have to pay the postage of about 10 envolopes worth of mail.....and they will not know who sent it back....

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This is chilling. I do not watch TV so have no idea what the commercials are doing these days. But wow. It seems to me they are prepping everyone for the coming deluge.

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All are predicative programming and selling testing and products yes. I want to comment on the 50% cancer statistic. this is life time risk which is a nonsense stat. they add up the percentage risk for each year but forget to add up the denominator too. for example if 1% of people win the lottery each year and you live to 100 they would say the lifetime risk is 100%, you can't fail!. Whereas actually its 1 in a 100 chances x 100 years, which is 1% of people will win the lottery in their life time.

I don't know the overall cancer figures are but when they say 1 in 8 women will get a diagnosis of breast cancer in their lifetime it's actually about 1 in 1000 up to age of 70 https://georgiedonny.substack.com/p/brca-genes-and-breast-cancer-risk

Genetic testing is nonsense and wars on cancer (like Nikon's) only make things worse. It's all to sell stuff.


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I couldn't even watch it all the way through. Talk about fear-mongering. IDK how people can watch the MSM, what with all the drug commercials and crap like this.

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Good catch!

I didn't watch the Super Bowl so I wouldn't have seen it. Thanks!!

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I work in the storytelling industry so I'm almost obliged to have a TV. However I'm from the UK and to watch live TV here you have to purchase a licence. (Allegedly to subsidise the BBC which doesn't carry ads) . When the Covid bulshit hit I was so sick of the propaganda from the damn BBC in particular that I cancelled my licence. I also stopped listening to radio shows. I can't tell you how much this changed my life for the better. I felt released from an insidious brainwashing that had been there all my life and I hadn't noticed. I can still legally watch TV (unless it's on iPlayer) but only on demand, so I never, ever come across ads. (I have an ad blocker which blocks the buggers on YouTube). I was so astonished at the difference it made in my life that I had to finally concede that it's main purpose was to influence you rather than to 'inform, educate and entertain' (as laid out in the BBC charter.) I feel that much better without this stuff to the extent that if I get in a cab and the driver has the radio on I feel infected. Incidentally I still watch dramas and have noticed the creeping disease of wokeism taking hold - there was some insert (a throwaway. line actually) in a really popular Netflix drama about 'gender not. being binary' and the latest series of Borgen (once a classy Scandi drama) was banging on so much about climate change I dumped it after one episode. Be alert. Because I'm not sure if people are immersed in this stuff how much they realise they are being influenced. Even kids in a school playground singing that popular advertising jingle is insidious. .

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I think this is part of the installation of a scarcity mindset - in this case the idea that health is scarce...

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Wow, firm control of the mind space. Leading people step by step by step.

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Lordy it's good I didn't see this over dinner cuz it's certainly one coughed-up hairball on the carpet to make us all wretch---an' wretched ta boot!

Actually, come ta think've it, adverts like this act like an octopus--many tentacles to reach out an' "grab" us good.... (They used to depict the Rocky-Fellers & Team Fed as The Octopus too...) SO...

1 tentacle is "WISHFUL THINKIN'' " (Club Sandwich 've Rome an' friends fund these commercials and they MUST tell us their plans....what they wish for! 1 outta 2 with cancer killin' half've humanity JUST with cancer--not countin' their other fun methods... yup)

1 tentacle is "werk"/ WORK IN PROGRESS (the kill shots, the 5g, the chem-trails, the vinyl chloride 'shroom clouds, nukes on the way.... all of it IS causin' more cancers and this is a result of their "werk"--their projects--Now already we got not 1 outta every 2 folks but WAY MORE cancers than ever... So this clip shows pride in what they've accomplished thus far with their dastardly "werk-in-progress"...

1 tentacle is SELLING folks on conventional treatments (chemo! radiation!) which are the only ones shown... an' we know they'll kill folks right good (those that didn't just croak from the other goodies they're sendin' down to us)

1 tentacle is that of PERMISSION -- showing folks stuff they willingly WATCH (and don't hoot n' holler about....) gives some kinda Illumin-atti permission to keep on goin'-- if ya recall the NY Hoss-spittal clip about normalizing myocarditis got a LOT of hoots 'n hollers--so they pulled it! Permission wasn't given fer that'un--nobody should allow this one to air/ replay either....

1 tentacle is that of GROOMING--gettin' folks USED TO the IDEA of gettin' cancer prepares them...

1 tentacle is NORMALIZING--just as young folks dyin' of SAD is now the norm, gettin' cancer sometime is now "normal"--one outta two ('cept we ain't buyin' it!)

1 tentacle is DE-MORALIZING--hey, let's get folks REALLY depressed with this teary-weepy thing--they'll die, lose limbs, lose their hair--let's depress 'em cuz that causes more deaths...

an' finally (no' 8) the last tentacle is THE GYPSY FORTUNE-TELLER--if you tell some folks their fortune with confidence (it's a confidence GAME), like "you WILL get cancer" or "you will take a trip with a tall dark handsome man..." MANY'll believe it and act accordingly (betcha dollarz ta donuts some folks see this crap an' take out life insurance or update their Last Wills an' all that.... watch other in-dust-trees go kaching too!)

I love Octopi as amazin' creatures but (beggin' the pardon of the REAL'uns) I don't wanna be near this 8-armed contraption from Hell--cuz that IS what such Predictive Programmin' IS.

May we all live to be AT LEAST 100 and ALL HAVE GOOD HEALTH-- L'Chaim Y'all!

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It does seem like there is an effort to normalize cancer, so there is no outcry, no questioning, no pushback. I would agree with the idea that this is in preparation for a big rise, from the jabs, definitely, maybe also more toxins pumped into the air and water, if what happened in Ohio happens in other places, and who knows what other insane shit is going to be coming down the line, there will very likely be a huge increase, so all this stuff preps people. But I also feel like even before this there has been a big change in how cancer is perceived. I remember a time, say... 20 or 30 years ago, when it was called "the C-word", and whispered; when everyone was afraid of it, when it was The Thing that terrified people. When the whole "Covid Pandemic" popped into being and took over our lives I was struck back then how bizarre it was that people were so uniquely afraid of it; as if dying from anything else was fine, getting a cancer diagnosis was no longer frightening, transitioning from pre-diabetes to full on diabetes with all the lifestyle problems that entails wasn't a problem, heart disease, dementia... all of sudden every other medical/health issue was perfectly fine, but "Covid" was terrifying and To Be Avoided At All Costs. Of course now myocarditis is normal and SADS is normal and on and on.

And the whole MAiD insanity that's happening here in Canada.. it makes me think Trudeau has some quota to fill, like he promised Klaus or Gates or whoever that he would get X-number of people to die within the next year or two or five or whatever. I would say it's beyond belief- it's stunningly unsubtle, the push to get people to agree to kill themselves. but at this point nothing is beyond belief.

Watching the coverage of the Ohio train wreck has given me the sense that 'they' really want to kill us, and that if the jabs were supposed to help with that, it's not happening fast enough so they need to try something else. Is nuclear war next? My own personal depopulation-theory held that it needs to be done at a very specific pace, they don't want to 'crash the system' so to speak; they may well feel it's desirable to go from 8 billion to 0.5 billion but not in one year, that would be too quick. So I don't know what a good pace would be. I know there are plenty of arguments against the depopulation-agenda theory too and I don't discount them, I take the stance that I really have no clue at all anymore. But the 'feeling' that they are trying to kill us is there. And let's face it, 8 billion is a LOT of people. If they want to make any progress on getting down to 0.5 they have a long way to go.

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"Now, why are we normalizing that half of the population will be getting cancer? Asking for, well, half the population."

Not to be the ultimate voice of gloom but it's got to be worse than that now. Doing research for my gmo film in 2005 stats posted at CDC cancer risk was 1:3 women and 1:2 men.. we had a screenshot and Jeffery Smith did final fact check so not a chance that data is wrong.

It's impossible for me to believe any element of human health has improved while our toxic exposures, chemical diets and Rx drugs in use are soaring ever skyward.

Even if we look at the last data for "recognized carcinogens" dumped yearly and extrapolate from 2001 when TRI data collection was ended by Dubbya Bush so Ground Zero air cold be called safe.

Over 4 billion pounds of toxic chemicals are released by industry into the nation's environment each year, including 72 million pounds of recognized carcinogens. Scorecard can give you a detailed report on chemicals being released from any of 20,000 industrial facilities, or a summary report for any area in the country.


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Publicis Groupe - they've been writing the narratives since the start.

Now they're "Cooling the Mark(s)".

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