An Anachronistic Dilemma

Diving Down the Wombat Hole to emerge a proper marsupial

I must admit, I sat down to write up this post about a dozen times today but kept getting distracted by Substack’s new feature “Notes,” and after the abysmally demoralizing shouting arena that Twitter has become, it was refreshing spending the time lightheartedly scanning and commenting on fellow creators’ and readers’ takes. There was a giddiness in the air, it felt like summer camp, I was half expecting someone to pull a prank.

I had started out the year pretty focused, eschewing writing the same ol’ outraged thoughts about the plandemonium and instead, adding a few more fractal dents in my tinfoil hat by delving into other conspiracies that can eventually be augmented artistically for a wider audience. You know, expanding the perception of our reality one burrow hole after another.

It is no surprise to me, (and if you’ve been around these here Stack parts, probably, no surprise to you either) that the wholesomest, most conspiratorial, good-natured-sunrise-ranting hole to tumble into is that of the wombat, created and curated by my Aussie friend Isaac Middle. He was my first proper conspiracy theorist, one that taught me to love and embrace the term as a symbol of intelligent imagination and astute perception. Makes me laugh when someone uses the label offensively. It’s a lack of awareness of the self own that does it for me.

Since my adventures Down the Wombat Hole began, I’ve looked forward to some spicy takes from Isaac: from Orange Man Bad to the Shemitah Jubilees, there’s never a dull moment. I’m into it. Not only because it’s more entertaining than Netflix, but also because once a pickle, never a cucumber.

Make Conspiracy Cool Again, fellow diggers: one wholesome wombat hole at a time.

Isaac Middle

Now, I’ve been enjoying collaborating with fellow stackers (sometimes without them even knowing 👀 ) and putting my newly found passion for editing to (good) use whilst writing, opining and otherwise waxing poetic and have taken the Substack experience at a pace that suits me just fine. It ebbs and flows, but I hope that my content is neither flooding inboxes needlessly, nor makes you wonder where the heck I’ve gone too much. I very much value the conversations you all offer here and I’m also grateful for my few paid subscribers especially because they don’t receive anything extra in return for their financial support, except knowing that they’re contributing to the gift economy. I pay that sentiment forward with whatever gifts I can offer to the world.

So, I had been writing this very long article about AI (who isn’t, amirite?), and futurism (major overlap between futurism and conspiracy theories), and how humanity fits into the picture, when two things happened. The first, an online friend sent me a book called The Embodied Mind which is making me hesitant to even say it’s “mind blowing” because my keyboard light up the character options when I type that out and I find myself opposing the representation of the accompanying emoji: 🤯. Suffice it to say that the book is eloquently building a foundation of reality that is new and emerging, causing a rippling effect into my futurism visions. The second thing that happened, is that Isaac invited me to collaborate on creating a visual presentation of his Old Conspiracy write up, a poetic and curious piece that tickled my fancy. What makes this conspiracy particularly appealing to me was best said by the main marsupial, himself:

…it delves into nostalgia rather than nefariousness, and encourages imagination over suspicion.

Isaac Middle

If you’re like me and you usually skip the video until after you read the post, that is what the top upload is about. I hope you go back and take a gander or you click on Isaac’s post below so you can also add him to you must read stackers list.

Down the Wombat Hole
The Old World Conspiracy
Happy Easter, fellow diggers! That joyful period when people everywhere come together over the unjust martyrdom of the future saviour of humanity, whether it be Yeshua then or Orange Man now…
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This was my first flirtation with the old world conspiracy, but the experience was aptly timed whilst I puzzled over my futurism article: if what we know about the past isn’t remotely close to what the past actually was, how can we imagine a proper future? Are we just one discovery away from exponentially ending up nowhere near where we are now? These thoughts created an anachronistic dilemma inside me and I thought I’d do more digging around the past so I can hopefully grok the potential future. I might even return to Netflix just so I can check out Graham Hancock’s Ancient Apocalypse. I’ve caught a few podcasts that guy has done and I find the stuff fascinating.

Another indication that I should pursue this field of exploration was Isaac’s inclusion of a few World’s Fair photos in the image dump folder for the video. I have always found World’s Fair and the Art Nouveau type aesthetic appealing, but if you’re from Chicago, almost everyone associates the event with Devil in the White City, or H.H. Holmes, a prolific murderer and psychopath. I had listened to this podcast last month and it intrigued me enough to start researching the subject in more depth and wouldn’t you know it, it appeals even more to my conspiratorial sensibilities since finding out that The World’s Fair was most likely our civilization’s first predictive programming global tour. You know, before TV and blatant propaganda. Let me know in the comments if this is something you’d also like to read more about. I’ll go digging and spare your manicure.

I’d like to end this post by saying I have six video projects I am trying to complete before taking my brood half way across the world to my old homeland for the summer. The draw to be there grows stronger with every day that inches us closer to June. The financial collapse is making it almost impossible to travel, my dad has never met my youngest, and my twins miss the Black Sea, heck, I miss the Black Sea... Talk about the Universe speaking in code at times, but among the image dump that Isaac made for the video, was a photo of a cathedral in Sofia, Bulgaria’s capital. In 2018, Nick and I had gotten lost looking for a currency exchange in the bustling urban center when we heard some heavenly chanting. We came upon the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and peeked inside as some kind of a ceremony was playing out. And just as it had called us in that day, I felt it calling out through Isaac’s photo, that it was time to come back, that it might be the last time for awhile.

I’ll be focusing on family while there, (some not so great news about my dad), and I even hope to capture and record some video. I know you’re here for the tinfoil hatting, but perhaps I won’t bore you to death if I include just a travel vlog or two.

If you feel compelled to share the Old World Conspiracy video, here are the options for YouTube, Rumble, Bitchute, and Odysee. But then again, why would you wanna leave Substack, especially now? Not only can you watch content on the site itself, but you can even post about it in Notes (which I think the site does automatically already.)

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