I was actually just thinking the very slope started with acceptance of mandated injections is a very slippery slide to mandated micro-chipping.

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Pfabulous! <3

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Nicely done, and quick turnaround! - that's the human spirit for ya. Thank you.

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OMG that was hysterical!! I know.. it's not really funny, it's pretty seriously evil, but sometimes when I see some of the satire I can't help actually laughing out loud. Awesome!!! Sometimes humor might manage to cut through the defense-mechanisms of some of the folks who are still on the fence, manages to point out things in a way that, if done straight-laced, would trigger that defensive reaction. And for those of us who understand the seriousness of this, what the stakes are, being able to laugh has a therapeutic effect. thank you 🙏

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You are ON PFIRE, Tonika!! 🔥

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Dec 22, 2022Liked by Visceral Adventure

When plife gives you plemons, make mRNAde. Great job on this one, we all need to keep our hearts open so that we may help those that have been hurt. Happiness is the one true measure of a life well lived.

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Dec 18, 2022Liked by Visceral Adventure

Pfikkin astounding work! And yes, I did see yesterday's collab,and gave y'all yoyr second Rumble on it.

Thank you forbthe use of your talent on our behalfs!

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Love it!

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Short n' Swell! (an' deservedly dark like a black cherry blood clot on top'a the Human I-Scream sundae). Yup, open they did: Pandora's frickin' box (courtesy of the DOD their "sponsor")... I'd say let team Pfizer have a few veins opened up fer them now so they can bleed a LOT of cash and go belly up on camera themselves (ya gotta wish, no?) brava again!

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Thank you for rising to the occasion.

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Pf, pf, pf .... Scheize, Pfizer ! It's scheiße dumbtard ! What da phook ? !

Hi, I just won the Clown of the Year consolation prize Award ! Do not dare laugh !

Covidiot masks off, dear frangers, velvet revolution now, not later, now, we can do it, altogether now, F art !

Amen to all of us, in Jesus´ name !

May Day, May Day, 2023 ! Reporting, documenting my parachuteless fall, I chime in down here in the wilderness in Nicaragua, Central America. A wounded Tarzan is quite a spectacle !

Need-driven, I am trying to impress a philanthropist here with my paper tiger writing arsenal ! Please lay back and enjoy the onslaught !

I drop my F, I mean Franger, bombs from close to the Masaya Volcano dubbed the Gates of Hell where I scrape by like Virgil in Dante´s Divine Comedy, if I cannot move heaven, I will raise hell ! I know, such a sorry scene, outrageous, egregious !







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