The Antidote to Suffering in the Modern World

Being back Stateside and a collaboration with Gary Sharpe


It’s been a bit. I know. I wanted to publish while I was adventuring, but adventuring got in the way of publishing. I do have some adventuring stories coming your way, but I thought I’d warn you first (in case you were here for the malarkey I usually write about) and also to signal boost this video collaboration born out of the wisdom of Gary Sharpe’s words. A few months ago, moved by one of his posts, I created a visual interpretation of his work. The feedback I got mostly was that it made one anxious watching it.

Gary Sharpe's Articles
Cumulative Impacts: The Movie
Watch now (5 mins) | Visceral Adventure, has taken the words of my “The Cumulative Impacts Mode of Suffering in the Modern World” article, and added video and audio to them, to create the amazing and cool film above. After you’ve watched that one, take a look and listen at some of these other brilliant and powerful videos by…
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Gary suggested that we make an antidote to it which you can watch imbedded above or in his link below.

Gary Sharpe's Articles
The Antidote to Suffering in the Modern World
Watch now (6 mins) | A while back Visceral Adventure of the Visceral Adventure substack gave me the very pleasant surprise and gift of a terrific short movie created using the words of my article “The Cumulative Impacts Mode of Suffering in the Modern World”: Based on this, a correspondent suggested to me that we…
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I felt that it was an apropos re-entry back into Substack Land (where I am trying to catch up on A LOT) since one of my personal antidotes to suffering in the modern world has always been travelling and going on adventures. I’ve meditated on the beaches of the Black Sea and I sung in caves and met a friend who I had never seen in real life in the middle of Nowhere, Bulgaria and I fed stray cats and I went down the scariest water slide ever and I’ve got some photos to prove it all coming soon. In the meantime, take a gander at Gary’s Stack if you aren’t following him already and here are the links to the video on some other platforms as requested:






I am grateful for you all for sticking around and being on this journey with me. Life sure has been rather unordinary and thrilling.


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I am a scientist and engineer by background, with a PhD, diagnosed with Early Onset Parkinson's Disease in 2009. After six years of dying inside, I started "Out-Thinking Parkinson's" in January 2016.
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