A Pfizer Pfarody

As suggested by Jimmy Gleason on el gato malo's Stack


Most of my readers probably already read el gato malo, so you probably saw his post today regarding the new Pfizer commercial low level threatening to shut down the country if we don’t get jabbed with their latest boosters. If you missed it, here you go:

bad cattitude
pfizer advertising
“nice window you got there. be a real shame if someone came along and broke it. so how’s about you give me two hundred bucks and we both sleep easy?” -jimmie “the brick” carlucci…
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Well, one of his readers left a comment on the post…

Writes Visual Banter5 hr ago

Someone should do a remake of the commercial and say


Like heart surgery.


Like your body is to intrusion from the mRNA that said it wouldn't enter outside of intended areas of your body.


As in we don't know the long term effects, we are finding out now...as it is happening.


as in "Season" on using us as lab experiments.


Where once we were subject to ethics and protocols...those obstacles have been moved aside.

And now we're open to new mandates and restrictions to make you...

Open to our substance being injected into your body.

…and I just hard to rise to the occasion. So, here ya go.

Also, if you missed it, my collaboration with Mathew Crawford premiered today and I do hope you give it a gander. We sure did have fun making it!

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